With some time now we have been trying to balance working two jobs each with long hours spent in the wood shop, and spending time at home with friends and family that we have decided to put the bike shelf business on a hiatus. These past few years have been such an amazing experience that we really couldn't even explain it to you in words. We never thought we would have made a product that people all over the entire world would want to buy from us. The joy and happiness it has brought having so many happy customers and all the positive feedback that has gone our way is unbelievable. We will have a limited supply of bike shelves on our Etsy page each month and we will still have The Cutting Board Project up and running for now. Thank you to all of our friends, family and people that bought our bike shelves from us. We never thought in a million years that this small independent business would take off like it did. Much love and remember, keep supporting your local small businesses.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
The Mastrorocco family

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